The Friends of Dover Castle

The Friends of Dover Castle

The Friends of Dover Castle

Friends of Dover Castle  -  Dover Castle Art Competition  - Rules.

1. The competition is open to all and Free to Enter - you donot have to be members of The Friends of Dover Castle;

2. Children’s category are those aged 11 and under, determinedby age at 31st December 2020; Young people are aged 12 and over who have not reached 18  by 31st December 2020;  Adults are those aged 18 and over at 31stDecember 2020;

3. Entries may be submitted in original format or scanned andsent electronically by email;   Pleasebear in mind that if sent electronically, the original will be required to bedisplayed at the Castle if selected so must be in a format which willfacilitate this  ie. Must be able to bedelivered and carried and mounted on an easel - so no Banksy’s please!

4. Entries can be made on paper, board, canvas, artboard, cardboard  - painted, drawn, sketched, sewn, crochetedetc;

5. Entries may be made using any materials  - paint, crayons, charcoal, pencils,felt-tips; chalk, inks, wax, cotton, wool, material, provided the artwork issubmitted dry;     For artwork created ona computer  - please see Rule 16;

6. Maximum size of entries is A4 and must be unframed;

7. Copyright  remainswith the artist but The Friends of Dover Castle reserves the right to be ableto use, display, publish any entries as they see fit and within 2 years of theclose of the competition. Credit will be given to the relevant artist.

8. All entries must be original and not have been publiclydisplayed previously or entered in any other competition. All entries must havebeen made during 2020; 

9. Each competitor may submit 2 entries  - they do not have to be the same format ormaterial,   Members of The Friends ofDover Castle may submit an additional Third entry;  (you will need to quote your membershipnumbers);

10. Winners in each category will be awarded the followingprizes :-

            (i) Adult 1st Prize  -  1year’s free membership of The Friends of Dover Castle or a £30  Gift Voucher;

            (ii) Adult Runners Up  -                                                                  £20  Gift Voucher;

           (iii) Young People and Children                     1st Prize  -                      £ 25  Gift Voucher ;

           (iv) Young People and Children                     Runners Up  -                 £ 15 Gift Voucher;

 14.       Winnersand Runners Up will be published in a Friends of Dover Castle Publication and willbe on display at Dover Castle;       (subject to availability of suitablelocation) and will be considered for inclusion in the Friends of Dover Castle2020 Time      Capsule;

15. The Theme shall be “Isolation at the Castle”;  You may interpret this how you feel but theartwork must include the Castle, or parts of the Castle, or something at theCastle:  You can let your imaginationflow, such as what it must have been like during the Siege of Dover Castle, orwhat would it be like now during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Images which are deemed offensive will not beaccepted;

16. DIGITAL ENTRIES.  Weaccept that many people now use PCs to produce artwork and we are prepared toaccept such entries in all the aforementioned categories. However, we reservethe right to create a separate category should we receive lots of digitalentries or if we consider the use of computer generated images or graphicsprovides unfair advantage. All graphics and computer generated art must beoriginal ; 

17. Closing Date for all entries is 31st December2020 (midnight);

18. Address for posted / delivered entries DOVER CASTLE ARTCOMPETITION:   87 Friars Way, Dover,Kent. CT16 2DN ;

19. Entries submitted electronically by email should beaddressed to    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     

20. Entries will provide the following information:- Name, age,contact details, Friends Membership number, Parental consent (ifrequired),  Title of painting,  Format and method (ie. Watercolour paint onpaper);  Personal Information will onlybe used and retained to enable us to run this competition and will bepermanently deleted once this is no longer required;

21. The Friends will appoint a Judging Panel who will meet assoon as practicable after the closing date, who will then contact winners andrunners up.  There will be a PresentationEvent (subject to availability and agreement by Dover Castle)