The Friends of Dover Castle

The Friends of Dover Castle

The Friends of Dover Castle

Due to COVID-19, you now need to book your timed tickets in advance.


Dover Castle have introduced limits on visitor numbers to help keep everyone safe, and you won’t be able to visit without your booking confirmation.


As a Member of The Friends of Dover Castle, your ticket will be free, but you still need to book in advance.

To book your tickets, enter code 'EHT2021' at the top of the ticket page and click 'Apply', this will then allow you to book your tickets.

Please ensure you bring along your Friends of Dover Castle membership card on the day of your visit to the castle.

Welcome to The Friends of Dover Castle.


We are a not for profit membership association set up to support and promote Dover Castle. We are a registered charity and are completely voluntary - all our activity is completely voluntary - without volunteers we simply would not exist.


Dover Castle known as 'The Key to England' has over 2000 Years of History, from an Iron Age fort, Roman lighthouse and Saxon church to the Castle that is seen today with the massive Great Tower built by Henry II.

Dover Castle is one of the greatest and most famous of European fortresses, its position as a frontier defence ensuring it an important place in British history. Dover Castle strategically sited, guarding the nearest landing point to mainland Europe, made it an emphatic statement of medieval royal power, highly visible across the Straits of Dover. Its unbroken active service as a castle and fortress stretches over more than nine centuries, from the invasion of William the Conqueror to the age of the nuclear missile, from the autumn of 1066 to 1958.


This year, our AGM will also see the launch of our Dover Castle Exhibition where I am hoping many artists and craftists will take advantage of submitting some of their work to be on display in this wonderful venue.


Our current projects are Constables Tower and Join Us - Join in.  The latter resulted in us being awarded a DDC Local Community Grant of £500 which we have put to good use purchasing equipment to help us increase membership. 


We have also been accepted as a Local Good Cause in the new Dover Lotto about to be launched which hopefully will be a good fundraiser for local charities such as ourselves.  Please register with us and sign up to buy tickets as we will then earn 50p for every ticket sold. Dover District Council will be the organisers of this but they will not make money from this lottery other than a proportion will go towards increasing the Community Grants scheme. 


All contact and communication with The Friends should be directed in the first instance to the  Chairman - Graham Hutchison - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Dover Castle, Canons Gate Road, Dover,

CT16 1HU

01304 211067

The Castle is easily accessible from the A258 Castle Hill and is well signposted around the town.

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For information about opening hours and English Heritage special events, please see the English Heritage website 


Dover Castle opens at other times for Cruise Ship visitors. 

See for dates

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Please Note

During extreme windy conditions the Castle may be forced to close for safety reasons, if you are travelling a long distance you may wish to ring the Castle to check beforehand.

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